Material Systems Project_v1

The system is comprised of a both a rigid and a soft field of modular components. Through curvature analysis, context studies, and elemental conditions on site, a surface system can now be deployed to enhance architectural and populational performances.
The system has been studied in a series of scenerios in order to understand its performative effects in a particular context. Through the control of local parameters, one can start to control the regional parameters. The result is the development of a system that can now control global conditions in and around the context situated.
The systems architectural performances shift from shading device – to – photovoltiac energy collector – to – occupiable seating. It acts as gound, wall, ceiling, and roof depending on the controlled angles and depths in the overall form.
The populational performances include: circulation control, micro-climate development, and controlling grouping or swarming of context inhabitants. The system is used to funnel forces in and out of programmed space at a desired level.
It is a system completely self-sufficient in functional needs of structure, energy, and performance.


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