For the continuation of my research in both the fields of responsive (robotic) architecture as well as modulated variation, I’ve decided to develop a multi-use parametrically controlled surface. The focus will be on the development and understanding of a modulated material field conditions that allows for user defined functionality and spatial configurations. This will be achieved through folding, twisting, rolling, pinching, and stretching the user intended function out of the varied materials within the system.

For example – user/client parametric inputs may include:
-15ft. x 20ft. spatial enclosure requirement
-7ft. – 15ft. depth requirement
-3 functional seating areas (2 social and 1 private)
-accessible with 2 entry and exit conditions
-western region – maximum sunlight requirement
-2 responsive shading conditions addressing 2 social seating areas

With these user/client parameters, I now can let the materiality within the system determine modulated variation, regional deformations, modulated depths, and the overall form of the field surface. The system is fabricated in a flattened modulated surface ready for transformation into it’s performative form.


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